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Welcome to! Our site is dedicated to providing you with all the information you will need to care for your pets.  We have information on items from pet toys to pet carriers and even the supplies you will need to properly care for your pet.  From dogs and cats to turtles and snakes we have information on all pets you may have. does not promote any one product or method to our readers.  Our mission is simply to provide you with the latest information available so you can make the best choices for your pets. Pets are loved like members of your family so it is important that we take all the steps necessary to keep them happy and healthy. 

The best place to shop for your pets supplies is at a pet sore.  You can find everything you will ever need for your pet at your local pet store.  From food to toys and even cages; a good pet store will carry all of your pets supplies.  Often times a retailer of pet supplies will have their store separated into specific sections; dogs, cats and other mammals, and then reptiles, and lastly fish.  Within each section you will find food, care products, cleaning products, housing, toys and even treats.  Many products will range in price depending on brand and purpose.  The best way to choose any product for your animal is to keep their best interests and safety in mind.  For example not all dog food is made for all types of dogs; you should find the dog food that fits your dogs needs.  The same rule applies to toys; small dog toys are not appropriate for large dogs and vice versa.  Another benefit of pet supply retailers is that often times they carry small household pets.   From snakes to ferrets and an array of fish; a pet shop will provide you with a broad selection of pets.  

Among the most important pet supplies are pet toys.  The right toys can keep your pet healthy, happy and amused for hours.  There are pet toys designed for practically every house hold pet imaginable. They are designed to keep your pets active and in good shape while providing them with fun and amusement.  For mammals there are an array of different toys; from balls, to squeaky toys and even running wheels.  For other household pets, like reptiles and fish, toys are more sparse.  For reptiles, like snakes and turtles, their toys are actually incorporated into their habitat to keep them active and healthy.  Popular toys for reptiles are climbing logs and rocks, and even toys that can be pushed around or squished.  Fish are the only household pet that require no sort of toy because they do not have the ability or the capacity to play.  However there are many things you can purchase for a fish tank to keep your fish active and healthy; bubble makers and plants are popular for fish tanks of all sizes.  Just like children every pet will have their favorite toy that is played with on a regular basis. 

In addition to purchasing pet toys for your pet you will need to purchase an array of supplies to provide them with proper care.  Pets are domesticated, and are not able to fend for themselves for food or even grooming.  Every pet needs to be provided with the proper housing, food, and grooming in addition to water.  While water is unanimous for every pet the other supplies depend on the type of pet you have.  We have created a small list of mandatory supplies for common household pets. 


Food: purchase the type of food that best fits your dogs needs
Constant access to water
Bedding or dog house: fitting to the size of your dog
Medication: see your vet
Grooming: nails on all dogs need to be trimmed, and many breeds need their hair trimmed
Treats: Mandatory for training


Food: purchase the type that best fit the needs of your cat
Constant access to water
Bedding or cat house
Cat box and Kitty litter
Treats Toys

Smaller Mammals:

Cage fitting to the size of your pet (with a lid)
Appropriate Terrain
Appropriate Food
Constant access to water


Terrarium fitting the size of your pet (with a lid)
Heat lamb
Appropriate terrain
Appropriate Food (some reptiles eat only live food)
Access to water (some reptiles require it to be moving


Appropriate sized aquarium
Fish food



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