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Pet Grooming

While smaller pets usually don’t need grooming, usually larger pets do.  Pet grooming allows your pet to look great while remaining healthy.  Cats and dogs are the most common pets taken to the groomer because they are the most common, and the largest of household pets.  Horses also are taken to groomers as well as larger reptiles like iguanas and tortoises.  Groomers not only cut your pets hair but will also assist with cleanliness, and hygiene.  Many pet owners are unaware that pets, just like their owners, need their teeth cleaned and their nails trimmed to remain healthy.  Also pets need their hair trimmed and cut on a regular basis so they can remain healthy in regards to flees, other insects and even dirt and bacteria that may be hiding in their thick coat.  Most groomers offer an array of services to their clients so their pets are completely groomed and healthy. 

Instead of taking their pets to a pet salon to get groomed many people choose to groom their pets at home.  Pet grooming can get quite expensive and most procedures are extremely easy and greatly benefit your pet.  If you are choosing to groom your pet at home you will need to purchase pet grooming supplies from your local pet store.  Here is a list of some items you will need:

Brushes: To get rid of excess fur before washing and to detangle hair after washing

Shampoo:  There are specific types of pet shampoo depending on the fur of your pet.

Conditioner:  Will make your pets hair soft and manageable until their next grooming. 

Towels:  You will need to be sure your pets hair is dry after they are washed to ensure they stay clean and do not get sick. 

Tooth cleaners:  Many pet stores offer pet tooth brushes for pet owners to clean their pets teeth with.  Also there are special treats you can give your pet on a regular basis to help keep their teeth clean. 

Nail clippers:  Many pets need to have their nails trimmed so that they walk properly and do not hurt themselves.  Pet owners should take large precautions when cutting their pets nails at home.  If cut to short nails will bleed and cause pain to your pet. 

Hair clippers:  For pets who’s hair is lengthy you can purchase clippers to cut and trim their coats. 

Pet grooming is extremely beneficial for your pets and they enjoy being clean and healthy as much as you do!


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